Friday, January 22, 2016

Cheap Light Stands. Are They Worth It?

With my last spending spree, I also bought light stands. 35 bucks for 2 stands and a case. A word of advice. If you have money and you buy good stuff, don't sell it all, because you may not have money some day and will regret selling all your stuff. Just thought I'd throw that in there because I'm expressing my emotions. That's what my wife says I need to do! So suck it up, buttercup!

These are not bad. Not pro, but seem to be well made enough to last a while as long as they are not abused. I have definitely owned some that were much more flimsy. I don't have a problem hanging my speedlights off of these as long as they are balanced and stable. I'll talk about this in a bit. They come with a carry case which seems like it could hold 2 more of these stands, or maybe some other stuff. I'll have to see what I can stick in there. Hmmm, one of my tripods and a monopod? Just for fun. I sure don't want to carry all that around..

One thing is I would prefer to have wider legs to distribute the weight a little more. I also got a pair that were 7'6" which now I wish I had another foot or so, at least. Darn kids keep getting taller! Something to think about depending on your modifiers and what you want to do with them. I did get them for portability, so I think they are good for that. Next set will be a bit bigger/stronger/wider stanced, although again, I don't believe these will give me any trouble.

I'm eyeing another set, but I won't post anything about them unless I buy them and have had a chance to play with them. These are a great for the price. I don't believe they will fail you, but if I had another 30-40 bucks at least to spend, I'd get something I described above. That's just for my needs. We all know I'm special!
 StudioPRO Set of Two 7'6" Photography Light Stands with Carrying Bag