Friday, January 22, 2016

Cute Little Flash

I will have to say, one of the down sides to the Fujifilm systems are the weak flash support. I have a bunch of Nikon triggers that won't work on this guy, so I'll have to get an all around solution. I'm thinking about the Cactus V6, but that's another story...

This litte Nissin I40F works great. The bounce head is great and of course, I attached a black foamy thing on it! It's not a powerhouse, by any means and is actually the weakest flash I own, however for casual shooting, it does the job. I love the controls, dials are just so much easier than buttons for me. Don't know why, but they just are! TTL works, Manual works, bounce works. It just works! I will say, the first one I received was missing the stofen (little white tupperware thing that goes over the flash head), but Amazon overnighted another and all was well with the world.

The Nissin doesn't feel as solid as my other flashes, but I don't think it will fall apart any time soon. I haven't run out of power yet, but I haven't tried to bounce it in a banquet hall or anything like that. I'd go back to my DSLR and big guns if that type of shooting is needed.
 Nissin I40FJ Flash for Fuji