Friday, January 22, 2016

Neewer Speedlight Mount Tilty Umbrella Holder Thingy and a Reflector Holder

What can I say about both of these? I haven't used the speedlight mount yet, but it looks to be the same lower part as the bowens speedlight mount I got with the softbox reviews previously. Seems like strong plastic and under 10 bucks.

The reflector holder should more aptly be named a reflector hanger, because that's what it does. The reflector hangs, not to be confused with held, where it can be positioned in any other way. I knew that when I bought it and that's how I've used it.

I hung it behind my kids heads and used the black and white sides of my reflector for a portable backdrop. I also hung it to act as fill. Works as advertised and for under 7 bucks, well worth money for me.
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