Friday, January 22, 2016

Monopod? Sounded Like A Good Idea

So you want a monopod? I did too! I even have 2 of them. How many times have I used them in the last 15 years? Maybe half a dozen times? So why am I writing a post about this one? Well, I kinda like it in theory. It's made well and you may actually want to use one.

Amazon doesn't sell this model directly anymore. I guess it's been discontinued, but I didn't realize that until after I started writing this post. So as not to waste mediocre typing skills, I'm going to go ahead and post this.

Nothing bad to say. It is made really well, not too heavy and if I really thought about it, I'd carry this instead of my little tripod. I don't know why I don't... I'd recommend this just for quality and price. I know people that have cheap monopods and they kind of suck. When I did use this, I would use it like a walking stick. It's very solid. My other monopod is a 2 piece, big, solid, metal thing that you could joust with. This one is NOT the same (in a good way). Sigh, now I will have to take it out next time.
 Vanguard TRACKER AP-324 Aluminum Digital Camera Monopod